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Creative Generalist. Thinker Sometimes.

Creative Generalist. Thinker Sometimes.

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After being raised by ponies in central Oklahoma, I was an Army brat and lived in various places (hello Georgia, Germany and Virginia) before graduating from university and heading West. During my ‘tours’ I gained a love of language & art & history, and then spent about 10 years working for mom-and-pop picture frame shops.

I learned the ins and outs of both the hard work of custom picture framing (whether setting screws to wood or performing museum-quality mounting & display) and designing custom picture framing, most especially for other folks like you and me, but who might not know what they want or how they want it to look.

I moved to San Francisco after graduating GMU and promptly became a commercial photographer (so long, Spanish degree!), specializing in 360° panoramas. The nature of the 360s meant I also became a designer and coder of interactive experiences. It was a lot of fun creating images & interactives for clients ranging from my neighbor realtors, to the Smithsonian, to places like TBWA\CHIAT\DAY and their clients.

I've settled in Oakland, CA, living large, and there is an energy here that is infectious (in a good way)… I’m proud to be part of the local/small business and arts scenes. In 2013 I opened a small storefront custom picture frame shop, Panorama, which is also an art gallery showcasing Bay Area artists. With Panorama, I learned the other hard work of running a retail business on one’s own. Whew!

Panorama’s survived Covid, but at the beginning of 2020 it was time for me to move on, to figure out this thing called “self care” ;-), and to reach back to my design-y roots. Threadless is the perfect opportunity and place for me to get the lead out for some of the ideas I’ve been toying with for a long time.

Hope y’all like ‘em!


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